Workflow in submitting a Sales invoice using PoS Module


I am sure I am missing something , but I have been on this for 4 hours.

In a retail environment I expect that a cashier must take payment successfully before submitting and printing an invoice.

In the ERPNext PoS this is not the case, the invoice is submitted successfully and printed out even if payment was not made. This is a security risk in my environment.

I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction by telling me what I am not doing right

Thank you


May I know if you use POS UI for creating invoices, or is it from Sales Invoice form itself?

Please provide more information like steps followed in creating Sales Invoice, and screenshots etc.

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Hi @ Umair

Yes I am using the PoS UI for creating invoices

These are the steps

  1. Create an invoice from PoS by choosing a customer and choosing the products
  2. click on pay
  3. key in zero in the amount to be paid
  4. you get an outstanding amount
  5. Click submit
  6. Click Print
  7. Receipt is printed out
  8. You get an alert that the customer has crossed his credit limit (because i set a default credit limit of 1)
  9. Transaction completed

In a retail environment the transaction should not be allowed to submit if payment is not taking

How do I prevent this?


@rohit_w can you help provide an insight to this??


Every retail environment is different. Some do allow good to be taken on invoices, some will process an invoice and good can be on back order. I don’t think it’s a good practice to always want payment upfront in a system wide change. It maybe a setting where you can allow or block it.

I agree, but at the point of taking payment the cashier MUST indicate the payment type she is using , either cash, card, points or on account (credit sales). Every PoS system that I know of has this function. You cannot conclude a sale until the entire sale value is accounted for by using one of the payment methods.

In the case of credit sales, the system should also be able to prevent certain category of cashiers from making credit sales or asking for an over ride.

This is not the case in ERPNext PoS. The current work flow is not best practice, can be confusing and is open to manipulation .

I will recommend that this is addressed as quickly as resources allow.


Hi @olamide_shodunke

@iadr3805 is right, we need to add setting where user can select the option to allow submit the invoice without full payment or not. @olamide_shodunke can you make github issue for the same.