Why Warehouse is mandatory for Material Request type 'material issue'

System is asking for warehouse while issuing a material. The type ‘Material Issue’ is mainly used for consumption of materials (like Stationery, fuel etc), and shouldn’t require target warehouse. Thats how I saw the system behave earlier in v6 - is this a change in v7?

Is it possible to make target warehouse non-mandatory for Material issue?

Warehouse in mandatory if it is a stock item.

Can’t replicate the issue. For Material Issue, only source warehouse is mandatory. May be you have customized it via Customize Form.

I checked in demo.erpnext.com
For Material Issue, it is asking for Warehouse (But I don’t see ‘Source Warehouse’, there is just ‘For Warehouse’ field that is mandatory.

I’m confirming the case on our official SaaS account with ERPNext: v7.0.40 and Frappe Framework: v7.0.30.

I can replicate the issue in demo.erpnext.com. The problem appears if we change the purpose after saving a stock entry record.

Created a github issue (https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/6407).

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