Why erpnext take about 5 minutes to send email

why erpnext take about 5 minutes to send email
and how i make this immediately after i click send

That is governed by the scheduler_interval


thank you for your replay if i changed it to 10 would it take more resources ?
my ram is 4g and erp take about 90%

Likely yes, since units are seconds and default is 300!

Be aware for eg with gmail a poll interval of less than 15 minutes and gmail will ignore your login to check for mail


thanks i use my own mail server

Check this for an idea of jobs governed by schedule_interval

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ less logs/worker.error.log

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Hi clarkej,
I want to ask you ,
Can we change the scheduler_interval time as per our requirement?

i make this immediately after i click on the condition like save ,submit etc as per the Send Alert On that doctype

With a self-hosted environment yes you are welcome to experiment for yourself…

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Normally emails are queued in Email Queue . If you want to send it directly without queuing.
Just pass one extra flag/parameter to send() method
i.e. delayed=False
it will sent immediately after click send

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Maybe this helps:

Hi. Can you please tell me where to go to do this?

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How to change this for site in frappe. Cloud