Which view or module is meant for the delivery guy to look at?

I have created sales order, from there, I create delivery notes. I pretend to be a delivery guy, so I’ll go to Delivery Note List, in there, there are no delivery date, is there a better view for the delivery guy?
When I click on a delivery note, there isn’t a way to mark it as delivered as well.

I then clicked on “Ordered items to be delivered” and that page is empty, did I miss a step? I would assume, some how, “ordered items to be delivered” page should be populated.

It shows ordered items but not delivered yet (delivery note for that item is not submitted yet).

You can use report view left side of delivery note list to add your preferred-view columns. Also you can add your custom field to delivery note for ‘marking’

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You are absolutely right. I got the wrong concept, so “Ordered items to be deliver” is a report for the delivery guy to look at, then he will create delivery notes.

Now, if I need to break one sales order into delivering multiple times, how should I do that? ie. Create a sales order, but I would like to have 2 entries in “Ordered items to be delivered.”?

When you create delivery notes from sales order, all ordered items are fetched…but you can modify the item and qty (partially). undelivered items and qty will still remain in Ordered Items To Be Delivered report.

A sales order is created by a sales person, who would deal with the customer. At that time, the customer will instruct the different dates those orders should be delivered. The delivery guy looks at ““Ordered items to be delivered”” and deliver them, and when he is done, he’ll create delivery notes. The delivery guy will not be able to know how to break the delivery out. The sales person have to do it. Am I thinking right?