Which branch to send a fix for the current staging branch (v11)

I have a v11 instance (staging branch) and have noted something I believe to be a bug (account type missing for the “Payroll Payable” account in the standard chart of accounts).

Which branch would I send a fix for this to? staging or staging-fixes?

Don’t you just push your fix in a branch you name for eg. ‘payroll-payable-account-fix’ to your remote github.com repo, then submit a pull request. Then the Frappe committers will review and opt for what branch to merge it?

maybe my question wasn’t clear enough

I have a branch on my fork named ‘payroll-payable-account-fix’ (which is originated from the staging branch) and now I want to open a PR to the original github.com/frappe/erpnext repository. You’ll have to send PR’s to a specific branch, and that’s where my question comes into play …

Which branch on the github.com/frappe/erpnext repo is the appropriate one one to send that fix to? staging or staging-fixes?

ok pardon me yes so you are saying the fix targets the v11 release -

I think either staging or staging-fixes would be acceptable, since both refer to v11. The committers have their QA process reviews and checks etc to confirm the change doesn’t break things. So ultimately they know and decide which branch to use.

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