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When i create email alert in live side then following error occur ? can anyone tell mi how to fix this error


(534, ‘5.7.14 <\n5.7.14 km8oi192ConfYSuxRm8S95KbsZ504_q4xAqx5Yt_Lezfptj50maneIsdAOCHcvr8d22Z1J\n5.7.14 LykbcxP1lXpiD4FiA3OsxIejqU3yfDsDwnKLpjklj5ph-08Ivp2_pP8E14gQ_ouibjk8F_\n5.7.14 136zLjHa15nY_aZubYZdifND33d1HGeyKog4xiNaw4EFGJliCVOWe9WiJCF8tw3A13141e\n5.7.14 Ip59cHNtG6Nw6Stflm4qnD3KQO0V4> Please log in via your web browser and\n5.7.14 then try again.\n5.7.14 Learn more at\n5.7.14 z9-v6sm39753922wre.49 - gsmtp’)


So this responds with these tips: Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients

I can’t speak to how email alerts work or may differ, but possibly that requires an Email Account that works with access to For troubleshooting help search the forum for say ‘gmail setup’


To simplify matters refer here to continue How to setup an email alert in erpnext when it will not presnt in the given app?