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What is the limit on number of Items in ERPNext?

Should the Warehouse be called “Stores” or “Stores - WC” ?

Stores is a default warehouse generated from the system. Map the warehouse name as per your requirement. It would be best to first create an item entry via the UI, and then export the same via data import. It will provide a reference of how the data is supposed to be entered in the template:

I highly recommend using .csv instead of .xlsx for imports - I posted this a while back documenting my experience - hopefully it is of some use

We’re running with a very high number of item records in ERPNext without any performance problems now. That has proved to be no problem at all. We do have something like half a million right now. @Mario_Truss probably has the correct number. But I remember that our developers ran a test with multiple millions of items and the system would still be fast. Does not seem to be a big issue.

We are using the API though. No XLS or CSV imports here …

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We have 80 Serialized item. Every month around 100,000 item will be entered as serial number. Will it be a good solution of using ERPNext Serial No features.