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What happened to the good old reports?



Dears, the General Ledger report was based on both Ledger currency and Account currency. That is gone which affect nearly all Accounting Views.
The way Trial Balance was reported is also affected. The accounts show meaningless entries like - values in Debit or Credit fields.

Being the only user in Turkey (I think) since April 2017 I am having trouble getting the same speed in synching with my accountant and I think it will not be possible unless I get the old views.


Can you share specific screenshots? No reports were “removed” in version 11.


not saying the reports were removed. Changed but not to the better and the results involving foreign currency are inaccurate:
Trial Balance
General Ledger

Before, I was able to see the debit and credit and balance in both G/L currency and account currency, now it is in single and is inaccurate. I guess the values are not being read from the specific document’s accounting entries but calculated based on an exchange rate where I don’t know where.
A debit value is shown as -something. Why isn’t it simply a credit value?

Do you still need the screenshots?


A view from my Trial Balance run. See the Closing (Dr) column


Expand All and Collapse All buttons and functionality under the Trial Balance report has vanished…