What biometric attendance systems are compatible with ERPNext?

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What type of biometric attendance system should I seek to ensure compatibility with ERPNext?

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Anything from ZKTeco basically. However, there are 2 types of devices from ZKTeco in my experience. One is Black, the other is Colored. Black is like a codename for some of their devices that aren’t API friendly but do support the SDK, have no visual screen on the device itself.

The colored is like a codename as well, and those devices have visual screen on themselves. And they support APIs.

Go with devices that have visual screens on them from ZKTeco.

I have no experience with other brands. Did try, but they were often ugly, dumb-er, etc compared to ZKTeco.

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Thank you for your response! ZKTeco provides the models shown on this website: http://www.zkteco-eg.com/product-category/time-attendance/biometric-ta-device/fingerprint-device/

How can I know which support APIs (and therefore will work with ERPNext) and which dont?


To be clear ERPNext by itself does not support any Bio-metric device directly… All ERPNext supports is the processing of IN/OUT logs (i.e. Employee Checkin DocType) to mark attendance. The part where you push the IN/OUT logs from your Biometric device to ERPNext is up to you. Having said that, there is a ready made script available that helps you push IN/OUT logs to ERPNext from most ZKTeco devices or any device that supports the ZKProtocol (most ESSL Devices). Here is a link of supported devices by that script: Link

Also, It would be appreciated if you do a basic google search and go through some existing questions before asking questions here.

Here is another thread that has the information you are looking for:

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@karthikeyan5 if you can help us with a small video how we can use that script.

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All the biometric attendance and access control devices listed at http://camsunit.com/product/home.html are supported for ERPNext integration. Refer http://camsunit.com/product/erpnext-integration-with-biometric-attendance-system.html for information…

Web APIs are paid services, ZKTeco doesnt sell directly, They have API partner like CAMS, Check their api documentation at http://camsunit.com/application/biometric-web-api.html

Hi, any idea what the below error means ?

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