Weird issue about sending email

I moved my ERPNext from my local machine to the cloud and it seemed working normal. Today I figured it out that it does not send notification e-mails. I tried to reset my password (to check if any mail is sent) , the server sent me an email to change my password.


I get welcome mails, password reset mails.

However, the system fails to send notification mails and in system e-mails.

Gmail account and corporate mail account cause the same issue.

Communication list shows this

Tried bench migrate, bench --site site1.local migrate

bench doctor after sending a few mails.

What can I do to solve the issue?

Replying myself cause solved the issue.

I have changed Turkish language files manually to present ERPNext to my management department. After the presentation I updated the system via “bench update” and something went wrong. Checked the codes and saw tr.csv file caused the issue. I have removed the language file and completed the update successfully. Meanwhile all notifications stopped and probably scheduler also stopped due to the failed update.

Lessons to learn - manually changing files can do damage than good.
More lessons waiting - how can I find out if scheduler’s status (working or not)

@ferohers check Scheduler Log for failed jobs.

@rmehta @kolate_sambhaji i have also same problem when i click mail send now button its msg showing [mail sent] …
but mail not sending

bench dump-queue-status and post output

Also check there is no locks in frappe-bench/sites/sitename/locks folder

bench dump-queue-status


nothing found ji…

@Senthil_Kumar You have scheduler.lock file, please delete it and again enable scheduler.

still not sending
i think notification mail only send and received,
other mail not send or received from server but i have too marked default sending check box see the img jii

then what issues ???