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Weekly Digest in Different Languages

How to have it emailed in different Languages like Portuguese?

Option to select the language to send it should be available.

Would be nice to get some idea
where to find these sentences to translate.

Please advise.

Those should be translated:

New Income
AOA 0.00

New Expenses
AOA 0.00

Annual Income
AOA 0.00

Annual Expenses
AOA 0.00

New Quotations
AOA 0.00

Pending Quotations
AOA 0.00

New Sales Orders
AOA 0.00

New Purchase Orders
AOA 0.00

Pending Sales Orders
AOA 0.00

Pending Purchase Orders
AOA 0.00

AOA 0.00

AOA 0.00

Bank Balance
AOA 0.00

Credit Balance
AOA 0.00

Besides of having the system in Portuguese the user still receives in English.

@Helio_Jesus Hi! Can you get the weekly digest be sent in another language?

@achillesrasquinha is working on a redesign of the Email Digest. We will make sure the strings are translated.


@netchampfaris already replied…

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Just to inform that on V12 still happens the same issue.
If System on EN and user on PT language the Digest will be sent on EN;

Why not send the Digest per user language preference? And should translate all items when of the Digest when sent.

Before applying below code:

After applying code:

Also replace on def get_summary_of_doc(self, doc_type, fieldname):
label = get_link_to_report(doc_type,label=self.meta.get_label(fieldname),
label = get_link_to_report(doc_type,label=_(self.meta.get_label(fieldname)), #HELKYDs 21-12-2020

So items can be translated.