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Website to custom app

Hi there,
Sorry for bothering with a posible easy fix, but I’m in a situation and couldn’t find anything. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have a website built, and now I need to export that website to a custom app, to import that website into another erpnext.

I know how to build apps, import, export apps, how to customize anything, but never done that for website and now am stucked, and can’t find anything related.

Can someone help me pls? Just need to export the entire website section to a custom app.

Thank you all in advance.

Copy all the website files into the www folder of your custom app

Hi @RWEMA_Aimable,
Sorry for this late reply, but I had to test your advice and unfortunatelly I couldn’t get it working.
The steps I was following are:

  • I built a regular website, and have these files into the “sites” folder
  • I created a new app and under the www folder of that custm app, I pasted all the above folders, so my www folder from the custom app, is looking now like this
  • on a new vm I installed a fresh erpnext, i got the app from the git with get-app, and installed it
  • after instalation I have the app module listed, I see the domain on domain list, i activate the domain, but instead the new website, I still have the regular home page of the erpnext

Can you pls let me know if am doing something wrong?
Or if someone who did hat, can point me to where am doing it wrong?

Thank you all

or maybe I should also export the pages and settings with fixtures? …I don’t know…am trying to tthink to all posibilities…:frowning:

I don’t know if I was understood properly. The website I want to move to a custom app is an erpnext website, built in the erpnext using the website module. :no_mouth:

do you have an index file?

@RWEMA_Aimable Yes, I have a home page, with index route set. The website settings is using index as home page also.

Have you done bench migrate of your app after changes to the files?

The files you copy to the custom app’s www folder are the website files (html, css, images, etc), not the content of sites/ folder.

the website is built through erpnext website module, using website builder and all the page content is stored into the db from what I know. I don’t have the full html of page content.

No, I haven’t… will try that too also

ok, So, I got this working, finally.
Basically there are TWO simple steps and a simple answer.

  • export fixtures, to export any file you need to the new app (like in my case Web Pages)
  • copy all public and private folder to your app’s www folder, keeping the same structure.