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Website Migration to a new server


I have created a new server for ERPNext, and only want to move the website from our old server, is this possible? and if it is can someone please tell me how.

I’ve tried to export web page but its not an option on the old server, but it is an import option on the new server which is strange!

You should check this out.
Basic concept is just copy whole db and whole site folder.

Thanks for the reply but I want a clean ERP and just the website moving.

If I use that guide and copy the DB across wont it pull all the other information too?

It will copy all information and data on you website.

I get this error after running the first command, any idea what it might be?

mysqldump: Got error: 2005: “Unknown MySQL server host ‘mariadb’ (-2)” when trying to connect

mysqldump -h'mariadb' -u'root' -p source_database_name > site_data.sql

-h'mariadb' part need to be change to mariadb ip base on your setting, if your mariadb is install on same host as erpnext you could remove this part, so it’ll be.

mysqldump -u'root' -p source_database_name > site_data.sql