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Webinar on ERPNext Version 12



Announcing a webinar on new features added in ERPNext version 12. Some of the features which will be showcased in this session are:

  • New Dashboard
  • Chart of Accounts Importer
  • Custom Graphical Dashboards
  • Item Tax Template Refactoring
  • Custom Dimensions

This webinar is scheduled on Tuesday, 30th July 2019 from 5.00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. IST (11:30 to 12:30 hrs UTC).

You can join the webinar by following


Hello Umair,
according to the release notes, something has been done for the Website Module. This old video is linked to the data but it is quite likely (hopefully) outdated reference by now:

Would you have something more on the Website module and Shopping cart coming on your webinars or possibly as videos?


Sure. We will have a multiple session version 12 features. We will try covering website also in one of them. Here are some of the sample sites on V12. (ERPNext user, website project done by Frappe Technologies)


Wow this website loads really fast. I doubt though that noobs with little or no coding experience can build something like this on ERPNext without some sort of template to either refer to or copy. But this is really nice!!!


Would a recording be available in case someone is not able to join the Webinar at the given time?


Yes, as per the plans.


The website is made to be configurable by end-users as much as possible :slight_smile:

The docs have already been updated to v12’s:



Webinar starting in next 10 mins. Join the meeting from here.


Thanks for your informative enthusiastic talk - you Frappe team put much energy and pride in your work to support the product and community…


If available please share recording link


Fantastic, thank you! It looks impressive that it is possibly to simplify things on the interface, the cleaner and tidier the better.

It looks like we can go ahead now with the shopping cart adjustments to make the whole experience nicer. There are plenty of planning done for that already in our group of “shopping cart enthusiastics”. :wink:




@umair Will there be a recording of the seminar posted soon?

If so, can you post a link in this thread?



Editing under process. Should be shared soon.


Will be it be in the ERPNext YouTube channel when it will be shared or just here on the forums?


New Dashboard in version 12.


Custom Accounting Dimensions:


Chart of Accounts Importer


@umair Thanks for sharing the recordings