Webinar: Digitize SMB using ERPNext with Tasker Systems in the Philippines

Understand the importance of using ERPNext for SMBs and local implementation with Frappe partner.

We are delighted to host a webinar with our partner, Laurence Cua, the Founder of Tasker Systems Inc. He came across ERPNext in 2012. Through this webinar, he will highlight his partnership journey and his learnings through all these years.

Block your calendar to hear his success story.

Our in-house Partner Manager, Shiva Sharan will walk you through the partnership program which will help you understand the Frappe Partner ecosystem.

Webinar link:
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82692030396
Meeting ID: 826 9203 0396


Did you block your calendar for the webinar, already?

If not then do it right away. You can expect this session to be insightful with some interesting stories.

Laurence Cua from Tasker will explain the importance of ERPNext for SMBs and Shiva Sharan R will help you understand the benefits of becoming a Frappe partner.

Webinar details:
Zoom login: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82692030396
Meeting ID: 826 9203 0396

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What just happened? I have been in the meeting as Mr T. And I saw some jerk who trolls, but then I have kicked out. Can you organize a safe online meeting to block the trolls not the real participant, please?

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