Webhook trigger on Bin change/update

We rely on submitted sales invoices updating Bin entries, then firing a webhook to do some stuff with the Actual Qty. This works fine.
However, when the Reserved Bin qty is updated with a submitted Sales Order, the webhook is not triggered.

Steps to replicate:

  • set up a webhook Bin doctype on_update or on_change (doesn’t seem to be any difference?)
  • Submit a Sales Invoice
  • Observe Bin record, Actual Qty reduced by Sales Invoice
  • webhook is triggered
  • Submit a Sales Order
  • Observe Bin record. Reserved Qty incremented by Sales Order
  • webhook does not trigger

I could trigger a webhook on Sales Order submit, then go and retrieve the Bin data, but that’s a waste of resources. I would like to understand why a change in Bin Actual Quantity triggers the webhook, but not a change in Bin Reserved Quantity.

Mike Zareno

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I am having an issue with webhook on sales order, which is never fired, even just on_change. Triggering a webhooks e.g. on an item change works fine, though. Anybody has an idea how to debug this?