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Web Form v12 (Field Link not permitted)


Hi all,
I have a web form called create-user.
In that web form i have field called “Entitas”, basically it’s group.
This field “Entitas” link to Entitas Doctype.
But when i fill the web form and i fill “Entitas” field . Error show “Not Permitted”. ( image below)

I did set “Entitas Doctype Permssion” for guest to read, write, create, delete.
Question: any leads to this pop up message?



Thanks for reporting this issue! Was able to replicate this, I have created a Github issue here


Thank you for your response @Jai_Chavan

Also i think there’s bug according web form field, for example Mandatory Field not highlighted, Field not hidden/read only, and custom script is not working. ( I attach some photo below)
Question: Is this also a bug? Please let me know if you can replicate this. Thanks a lot :grin:

I set “Nama Depan” Field to Read Only and this happend

I set “Email” Field to Mandatory

In custom script, web-form - js but the value still empty
(also tried another field = result same) and i try my best following this guide still no luck :