Warehouse for QC

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to create a warehouse for QC (Quality Check/Quality Inspection), but I am worried about how the material will get issued to QC Warehouse and then how the material will come back to Main Warehouse after QC.

Because QC is required when material is received in the premises but if a material is quality inspected ticked then until the material get QC cleared store will not be able to take the material in, then how the movement of the material will take place from main store to QC, and QC to main store and rejection store etc.

Stock Entry?

Stock Entry Takes place only when the material is available either in WIP or in store/warehouse.
But QC is required before the material moves to the store/warehouse in ERP.

So, how we can do the stock movement without having stock in ERP Stores.

Ruchin Sharma