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Warehouse Bin System

Am game

Can you send a meeting invite

Sorry, I’m late. Are we jumping onto the call now?

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for this thread. I’d like to know about the progress of this feature and the possible date of publicly availability.


This is a customization that has been done by us (Epoch Consulting) and we require a volunteer organization that can implement what has been developed that then suggest minimum requirements for it to get rolled out as part of ERPNext codebase.



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Volunteer Organization?

I’d like to see what’s been developed and if this is what I’m looking for. Is it possible to show us a demo?

And, how would that volunteer organization implementation work?

@fnrfarid: Please check this out. This is what our Warehouse Bin System can do for now. If you don’t see any glaring gaps and you think it can work for you, I am happy to demo it to you.



@JayRam Thank You.

I’d like to implement this demo in my demo site and check out those features live.

But, as I’ve said earlier, I’m not a programmer and I don’t get the heavy stuff, how can I get this demo implemented easily?

Is ERPNext is planning to integrate this Bin System in next version update?

Apologies for the late reply.

Thanks again.

Hi Farid,

Sure, let me finish up the base requirements and push it to our app and send you the instructions how you can download the app and what other requirements are needed.

You can then try that out.

The plan is to integrate this with the ERPNext code base once the whole feature set reaches critical mass and stability.



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Hi Jay

I will not mind testing this out too as stated


Hello everyone,
I would like to test this feature as well.


Whoa! Three testers. Please give me a week. I will line up the backend and get back with you guys.



Thank You :slight_smile:

Hello everyone !
@JayRam I would love to try this feature out too if possible :slight_smile:

any update for this

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hey guys is there any update?

Hello Mr. Jay, We are trying to get ERPNext to do the RARB bin management, putaway director, Wave & Work Creation for picks, packs, moves (with Licence plates), outbound Order Queueing and much more of the Warehouse Management functions. In other words, we are looking for a Warehouse Management Module and would like to know if anything was already developed. if needed we are willing to be a lead sponsor for a reasonable amount to the shared pool of people having this requirement. I am trying to get some help from experts like you. Is there a way I speak to you and explain the requirement and seek your help? I am in India as well and can connect(Skype or Phone) anytime that’s convenient for you. Please let me know asap. Thank you.

Hello everyone,

Are there any updates on this system.

Hey @JayRam long time no see on the forums. Hope you doing well. I would also be interested to test out your design.


this topic seems to attract interest over quite a long time. It seems though this hasn’t not gone any further then the draft state.

Would you mind to post a short notice about the status @JayRam, so we can close this issue and make it clear to anyone this isn’t pursued any longer or, in case there is some progress, can further proceed with this Bin System?

A more comprehensive approach to the Bin System with support for both assigned bins and on the fly bins is in the works. Will start a new thread as we make significant progress on that front.