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Vorbereitung auf die ERPNext-Jahreskonferenz 2019 in Deutschland


Danke an @lasalesi (Lars Müller von Libracore) für seine Einreichung für die Konferenz. Wir haben jetzt schon 3 Sprecher. Bam!


@vrms Habe den Doodle in der Meetup-Beschreibung hinzugefügt (habe auch noch nachträglich Ende September 2 mögliche Tage eingefügt)


Um den Tag festzulegen bitte hier abstimmen:
Optionen gibt es im August, September und November…


Ich fände die Termine im November passender, weil wir dann vermutlich leichter jemanden von Frappe dazu bekommen werden.


Es wird wohl der 05.11. werden:


@chdecultot Your contribution would still be highly appreciated.


Sent mail to @rmehta hoping for him to pay us another visit in Germany.


looking forward to the custom script presentation

would be great whether it would be suitable for dummies


Who else could we ask for a contribution / presentation?


Thanks @vrms,

Yes I will try to make it as easy to understand as possible for non technical people :wink:
The focus will be more on the functionalities than on the development.


I personally think it would serve the greatest purpose if anyone would be able to write a Custom Script rather then a presentation of what generally is possible with Custom Scripts in ERPNext.

So I’d +1 for a workshop rather then a presentation (just a little peer pressure. I hope you don’t mind)

  1. I might come forward with something. Just do not have any idea about what exactly yet.
  2. What I’d love to see would be a presentation by @wojosc about how they use the support/issue system in their company


I will definitely be presenting something on that matter. As we have a little time up until then I am hoping that is will be complete.


You can submit a topic on the platform and change it when you want to change something. Or add stuff. Getting your contribution early would help us do better marketing for the event as people would see what will be in for them.


Who else could we ask for a talk during our conference?