VirtualBox Won't Run - raw-mode unavailable courtesy of Hyper-V?

Having the same issue. The Virtual Machine does not boot at all. Am not a tech guy, so am pretty stuck. Have tried with the Production image, and then with the Development image. Same issue on both.

What’s the secret to get the Virtual Machine to run?

Currently on Windows 10.

Hi @abidomar,

Which virtual machine are you referring to? Virtualbox?

If you’re not actually using Hyper-V, have you tried uninstalling Hyper-V and then running the Virtual Box VM?

Using VirtualBox. Have tried disabling Hyper-V as per @Sirjames, but haven’t uninstalled.

SirJames method is superior to uninstalling, but if that doesn’t work for you, and you aren’t using Hyper-V, then this would be a backup plan

Found the solution. Virtualization was disabled in the BIOS. Needed to enable virtualization, and it works like a charm.

Glad to found the solution. J
Please close this issue.