Version 7 Update - 12th July - Testing!

We know but dude this is such a small feature though. With your skill set, you can get it done in a few minutes. Think about the value add vs the time need to include this vital feature.

I assumed communities were about giving and taking, not only taking. The software is free. The source code is with you. I help on the forum. There are dozens of devs who can help you if you are willing to pay a reasonable amount. But apparently this is not enough. :frowning:

Help me out if I am thinking wrong, but I am feeling completely underwhelmed.

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You are invaluable to us please don’t misread me. We highly appreciate what you guys do but I thought you guys want feature suggestions. Alas, I understand your point. My apologies.

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@Johannes_Maepa the way to have a feature suggestion done by the team is, first to build a reputation. Like helping out other users, reporting issues etc. Once you are a contributor, the feature requests from your end will have a lot more weight. Or, there are lots of users asking for the same feature.

@rmehta. Thanks for responding , If I am a programmer definitely I would have contributed but being a novice I could only suggest as it would take ages for me to develop this . Adding to this I know a bit on how an ERP should work, the feature I suggested would definitely enhance our software and it is a must have feature as well. If I develop this with a freelancer I would definitely contribute it to our software. Thanks again for such an awesome open source software. You are really doing a good job.

You should be using the Production Planning Tool to go from Sales Order to Production order to Material Requests.

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Thanks for the info Sir , but in such case using the production planning tool would become mandatory , am I right ?

Yes - but I don’t see why that is an issue. The Production Planning Tool was created to deal with exactly your usage case.
You have one or more sales order, you need to create a Production Order and make the material requests so that you have the stock to make your final items. The Production Planning Tool loads the Sales Orders, determines the Production Orders that need to be created, then generates Material Requests for all the BOM items.

I’m not sure what more you’d want?

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Many thanks for the swift response Sir, Certainly this is not an issue but this makes the use of production planning tool mandatory .If I had to make production order for the remaining qty in the sales order particularly when having more than 1000 production orders I should search the entire database to figure out the qty I booked earlier ?

Everyone: This thread is WAY off topic. This was supposed to be a simple announcement thread, not a gathering of all V7 problems. The thread will become unreadable quickly if you do that. If you have a feature request, or an issue, make a new thread.