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[Version 12] Killing the iconic desktop


I would like to highlight the following points:

  • that let us not think about the user as one of us. We can find our way through any type of interface. Remember memorizing and typing transaction names in Oracle and SAP. Not everyone needs to access the data hierarchy every time and they may not even have an idea about it.
  • That interface works in a perfect way for the mobile user especially while using a mobile phone as the access device.
  • I am against any unnecessary effort just for the sake of updating. Efforts towards new functionality like posting and keeping track of Bank Loans would add more to the customers.



I hope in V12 improve Chat and Email InBox so in real scenario also people can use this feature .


Yeah, please do not kill the desk


@wale looks much better with text and icons in the upgraded version! for right and left brain.
on mobile versions a reduced simpler version with only the icon and short text could work for tab with fingers.


My view on other thread:


Kind of benchmark with Oracle fusion,
1st screen module names

2nd when I click on a module few smaller (functions, reports) icons shown, example sales icon:

I hope it helps


A workaround that I’ve used for older users here is to install Google Chrome’s high contrast add-on

It’s not a perfect solution, but it helps them out.


Hmm… That’s a pretty good idea. :exploding_head:

Thanks! I will run some testing on one of their tablets to see if it works.



I would suggest don’t kill the desk icons completely. You could add a configuration/setting that allows which interface to keep - the desktop icons or the new UI. Now this setting could be company wide level as well as user level.

The new UI will definitely help higher management and admins. The low-level users, having access to few doctypes, not much tech savy and who perceive UI changes as a challenge to go through a learning curve - will definitely like to see and keep the desk icons.


I completely agree with this!


Agree for this point !


My comments:

  1. There will be no ending pro and cons on UI change… so UX designer surely know this better.
  2. We need some researches based on data e.g. feedback for trial version etc especially if it’s a drastic change… so everyone get notice before it changes.
  3. The ones who will use the system is end-users…not developer,not IT admins…And I think the new design should accommodate users with different skill levels…Novice / low level users may want to see only what they do and not really care about set of hierarchy menus.


I think these 2 lines aptly summarize why we should give serious consideration to changes proposed by the core Frappe Team rather than what ‘we’ ‘think’ is best for everyone. We should keep in mind that most of the ‘end-users’ of ERPNext are not active or even existent on this forum. I’m not sure there’s anyone or any poll on this platform that can more accurately determine what works best ‘generally’ than the core Frappe team… they’ve got the data… coupled with a long history of making good choices for the product which is why we’re here today :blush:

For the record, I never personally liked the Desktop so much but I stuck with it and promoted it while the team thought it was best. I think it’s great to make our views and opinions known but also we must respect and support those who make the difficult choices even when our views are not adopted

It was quite clear from the original post that the team knew a significant number of people wouldn’t be happy about this initially yet they had to bite the bullet and risk being unpopular for what they believe is the greater good… Let’s support them by trying it out and giving feedback on how it can be improved and made to suit the various requirements represented in this thread

Cheers all!

My desktop is not showing its icon

This about says it all.

Let’s move on.



Since we have released it on the develop branch, we are getting good feedback from internal users. We will be constantly keep updating the new desk. If you have constructive feedback after using it for a few days, please keep sharing (on a new thread!).



Extending the thread here for a general comment: A General Comment on Versions, Design and Architecture Changes