Vague error "Error: Data missing in table: Items" upon uploading "Product Bundle"

We upgraded to V11 and started getting the following error upon uploads…
Error: Data missing in table: Items

I have tried dozens of changes to the data I am uploading and still cannot get past that error.
Any idea what it means?

To troubleshoot maybe create a test Product Bundle with a few Items in V11 and export that.

Check for differences between the test file’s contents with the original one that errors on import.

Thank you clarkej for replying. I resolved the problem. It turned out to be possibly some unprintable character in the header of the upload file (lines 1 to 20). The error message was utterly confusing and threw me off. I burned 2 days chasing that elusive bug.

I hope the ERPnext team can revisit that error message to make it clearer.

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