[V7] Admin login?

Hey, I was able to get V7 running on debian 8. But how do I login? I am not entering any passwords on bench install as that seems to break it but administrator/administrator aren’t working and i’m unable to find the passwords.txt file that has been there in previous versions.


@DrTrills New install.py installer does not create frappe-password.txt as it was in previous bench installer shell script. As now we are using more sophisticated and standard way to install and configure system using Ansible.

If you have installed using sudo python install.py --production / --development then this new installers asks you to enter root password choice for MariaDB/MySQL server as well as Adminstrator account password for default site i.e. site1.local

Now, if you don’t remember site1.local Administrator account password, you can reset Administrator account password using following command using bench:

Reset default site1.local Administrator password

# (switch to frappe / username if you provided during install)
$ sudo su - frappe 
$ cd frappe-bench/ 
$ bench --site site1.local set-admin-password yournewpassword
# replace yournewpassword with actual password

Hey @yashodhan thanks a million! Worked great! Though on my box its cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench

other than that was able to login. Thanks again!

so what is the frappe password to run bench commands the standard password I used during setup is not working and as there is no password text file I have no way of knowing what you set it to during install?

sudo python install.py --production --user frappe

I used same command as mentioned by @yashodhan, it didn’t throw any error but when i try to login, it do not accept the new password.