[v5] how to add filters to frappe.ui.form.make_control

Hello All,
I have added a custom page for member assignment logic depending upon distance gender and age

I have used below code
var me = this;
df: {
“fieldtype”: “Link”,
“options”: “First Time Visitor”,
“label”: “First Time Visitor”,
“fieldname”: “ftv”,
“placeholder”: “First Time Visitor”
this.ftv.$input.on(“change”, function() {
var ftv=me.ftv.$input.val();

I have to add filters (getquery) for above link field?

Thanks and regards,
Gangadhar kadam

you can use this.ftv.get_query = function() { .. }

or in v5 you can also add {"filters": { "key": "value"}}

Either ways using HTML element IDs is usually a very bad design