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V13 - Dashboard : Not have enough permissions to access

Version used : ERPNext:** v13.0.0-beta.3 (version-13-beta)


Hi all,

I have trying out the dashboard functions. I create a new module and put a new doctype under this new module. At the same time to create some chart and added into a dashboard. I used administrator right have no issue.

But when I try to do it or view it in another user account, it shows the above issue. Even this user account in full access as admin.

Please advice where did I miss out ?


Hi @Witton,

I have a similar Issue on a v13 Instance and was not able to solve it via Role Permissions or similar.

Just know I was thinking about it and came up with a work around…you can give single permissions to people in every DocType. It works in my case:

(1) you’ll find in most DocTypes. The above window will open. Choose the person to permit and give him the necessary rights (2).

Hope it works for you also.


I had a glitch during V13-beta install where the setup wizard failed during setup. Upon retry it succeeded but I noticed that permissions for several doctypes were not set correctly. Restore / reset to original permissions did not work. Tried bench update --reset, etc. - did not help - this is an issue of the incomplete wizard during setup. Running on a VM with 8GB RAM - still had problem where wizard just hangs.

Documenting steps I took to resolve:
Firstly had to ensure that a default company was selected under Global Defaults (under settings). Then I changed the country of the company - and then changed it back to India (so regionalization settings were applied).

Under Role Permissions Manager for that specific Doctype (in my case GST HSN codes) - I had to create a 0 level permission for users ALL to be able to read/export.

For now these steps have resolved the issue for me - until I am able to troubleshoot why the setup wizard hangs during company setup…

Thanks @wojosc. Yes I have tested this and it works as work around . :slight_smile:

The things we have to deal with in life…