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V12 TypeError: can't compare to unicode


Yeah so after @arokia has been working on some things inside apps/frappe/frappe/automation/doctype/auto_repeat/ – we can say that there’s something significantly wrong with the auto repeat.

For me as a consumer basically who rely on the software to work out of the box, I must say I am a bit surprised that Erpnext / frappe has released something which basically doesn’t work.

Further more, also as a consumer I am surprised of the lack of action on behalf of erpnext / frappe officials to actually establish contact and address this bug even with a simple reply “we will check”

Of course, I understand the busy times behind the screens but still … customer service is customer service or perhaps I am understanding something in the wrong way.

Anyway, ERPNext has proved to be the best solution for our companies and we are now using the systems for our daily operations.



You seem genuinely not surprised you get all this for nothing?

Do recognize and accept that no one is obligated to support nor use this product.


I’ve seen this reply from you on many other posts and in some degree I agree.

However, nobody said me personally I am expecting this software to be free, I am perfectly willing to pay and even to sponsor some developments… unfortunately until now I was only hit by unprofessionalism in regards to companies who could develop anything inside erpnext… Indian companies focused on the money not even listening to the ideas I have for what I need.

Moving forward and not to deviate from the subject, related to your comment, be that as it may Clark but why release anything if it doesn’t work anyway ? Do you get the point ? this is about it’s usefulness … is it useful or useless ? hours of work for nothing because nobody can use it.

Even so, information could have helped to know it doesn’t work because the only reason I upgraded from v11 to v12 was the auto repeat function.


So let’s not leave this bug alive forever, can we at least identify a solution to it ? or perhaps someone acknowledge it ?


fixed in:
It will be deployed soon

Cannot create auto repeat