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V12 HR - Employee Profile to set ERPNext user vs. Leave Application Approval


Hi, can someone tell me is this is bug or some setting issue?

1.) I tried to set the employee user for ERPNext User but with error.

  1. Is the above ERPNext User setting lead to the missing Leave Approval in Leave Application ?



Have you created a user in the user list? If not, then first create a user and pull it in the field in employee doctype.

You will have to go to department of that particular employee and set the leave approver in that. Once that is done, then you will get a dropdown of leave approvers.



Thanks Mehta for your quick response !!

For 1.) issue, I have created the user in the user list. But somehow whenever I choose the email and save, it still prompt the same error. Email is a fake email anyway. Not sure this is the problem ?

By the way, what is the purpose of setting this email under ERPNext User ID field ?

Thanks in advance !



Maybe that is the reason for the error. Try putting an actual email id of the user that you have created.

The reason for this is you will not be able to give that person employee role in “User List”. When you will check the role of an “Employee”, it will tell you to put the email in the user field.