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V12.1.8: Table Multiselect field was erased/cleared after Save

As shown below, ‘Belongs to Company’ field is a table multiselect field I created in Customer doctype. Everytime when I save the customer, my selections in the field will be erased.

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Have you given it as select field type, check whether any custom script is written for that field.

Hi @Jenisha, it is Table MultiSelect field in the Customer doctype and the docfield’s “Option” is linked to “Company Multiselect Child Table” which is a child table doctype as shown below.

I have followed the instructions as per the guide:

No, I do not have any custom scripts for Customer doctype.

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I’m having the same issue. Did you solve it?

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This kind of behaviour is most likely due to a bug… I’d suggest you open a Github issue

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Unfortunately, no, I have not solve it yet.

Just reported:

You’re better off using this alternative:

please try to use my alternative solution and feedback whether it is okay,update the PR also

I solved this by ensuring that the field in the child table is marked as In Grid View.
@Raymond_Liew in your case you need to check In Grid View for Company in your Company Multiselect Child Table.


@marynvdl Thanks it worked for me also