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[v11] Payroll Entry - Party Type & Party required for Payable account - Salaries Payable



I am trying to get through a payment of salary in v11.

I have set up as per these instructions

  • a Salary Structure
  • a Salary Structure Assignment connecting this to my test employee
  • a Payroll Entry of which I have created a Salary Slip

what I find not logical thus far is that submitting the Payroll entry apparently does not create a Liability (in the same logic as a Purchase Invoice for example.

As I believe the next (and possibly final step) would be to click the Make Bank Entry Button from inside the Payroll Entry. But the system does not allow that to go through with the error message

Party Type and Party is required for Payable account - Salaries Payable

Strange Detail is the the complaint is for Row 2 while there is only one row in the Payroll Entry. Anyway the main point is the there is no option to set a party type or even Party in the Account Payable Account Salaries Payable, neither in the Employee’s entry.

So, Can anyone advise what the problem here is?


Hi. I have the same question.


the problem as per this Topic has shifted slightly. Now (after yesterday’s and today’s updates for v11) the mentioned Button in the Payroll Entry Make Bank Entry does not appear any longer. However when You want to create Journal entries for this from the Dashboard the same error (“Party Type and Party required for Payable Account - Salaries Payable”) still appears.

Still it is not possible to choose an Employee in the “Party” section of the Journal Entry. A supplier could be chosen. Any switch to choose “Party Type” is nowhere in sight.

What generally bugs me is that I feel this is not logical and there seems something missing.

there needs to be a two-step process (exactly the same as in relation to t a supplier)

  1. a liability is created (Purchase invoice for Suppliers, Salary Slip for employees). This shoudl involve a Liability account just like “Salaries Payable”
  2. an actual transfer of money from a bank account to an expense account takes place which balances the previous Liability.


seems a releated/same issue has been discussed earlier.

also there exists an Issue on github since 2017


Faced this problem. This is because Salary Payable account is defined as Account Type Payable. The workaround for now is NOT to set the Account Type. The downside is that the Payment Entry cannot be used and the bank reconciliation would not be complete.

Still testing to figure out the way.