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Using open source power calDav cardDav etc


Already having a server for e-mail, calendars, tasks etc. I really would like to have to maintain two of the kind at the same time. It would be great if it were possible to sync calenders and tasks (the ones found in project for example) to be syncronised with an existing calDav/cardDav server to be able to have tasks and dates be shown in Thunderbird or on my android phone without having to use a special app like the ERPNext app. The app is great, but as it is not really integrated with the rest of my work and organizational habbits I can’t really make use of it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one keen for this feature. Please tell me what I can do to help, thank you!


This would be indeed great (also to sync with other supporting systems like Nextcloud). I think it has been requested several times and some people even proposed to put out a bounty for it.

Maybe one of the main developers with some interest in working on this could quote a sum and we can crowd-source funding for it?


Yes, nextcloud sync, also for backup purpose (different subject) is very interesting. We also would be happy to through some € toward this idea!


would strongly agree to have CalDAV and CardDAV in here. In my experience the Protocol is not the issue in general. But having the mapping of the Contact data in relation with the companies could be interesting. Further handling of multiple entries for phone numbers emails etc.


Would be great to have caldav integration! Any efforts toward that?


Getting to know ERPNext a little better I can see why it is a brave endevour to take on calander-sync to an external device with calDav. As a lot of “things” inside ERPNext are calender or event related. For example tasks in projects and the project itself and all timesheets connected to it could all be calDav items. These then again are connected to users and other items like projects tasks and customers. I can see this beeing very tricky when sharing and setting permissions. Also I think no one would like to have 100+ calendars to chose from on his phone or inside thunderbird.
A baby step I would like to suggest though is to implement *.ics attachments for maybe just a few items. The idea is, that when I for example create a ToDo for someone there is a *.ics attached which he can then again load into his program or device of choice. Any ideas on that?
Unfortunatelly I can only provide on hand experience but no coding effort.


ICS generation for Doctypes with Calendar support can be mapped.
Possibly using _calendar.js to map .ics and event data.

Add github Issue


Has there ever been any progress on this?


not yet no. I have had a look at the data migration tool. It should probably be possible to do this but we have not got the necessary recources to go ahead right now. I’ll let you all know if make any progress.