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Users will not be able to re-arrange standard fields


I figured that if you download fields on customized form and upload them after rearranging in csv it works! Is this expected behavior or just a workaround for rearranging the fields.


But, when you upgrade this will go away or it will conflict with new filed orders. I’m not an expert on this topic, maybe someone more experienced could enlighten us.

@revant_one, what do you think about this workaround [i would say a Juggad :slight_smile: ] in the current context. Will this be lost or create a headache while upgrading to v11?



Any updates on this? I have this requirement of re-arranging the fields with almost every client.


Please explain how you did this. I need to re-arrange many fields.


Best to tell no to your customers! its a bad solution and will create problems with upgrade.


Ok Thanks