Users cannot add rows with the same item twice. If do, then show an error message and remove the row/item from row

I have a vehicle price doctype. In this doctype, I have a child table that has two field names (vehicle item, item price). Users can add multiple rows but when a duplicate row is added then it should remove and show an error message. Please give me some guidance on how to resolve it.

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@shuvro-baset You can achieve that through creating a Client Script on the Vehicle doctype form and the script should be on the child table doctype.

Assuming that:

  • Child table doctype: Vehicle Item
  • Child table fieldname in main doctype: vehicle_items
  • Child table field to check: vehicle_item

Then the code can be something like the following.

frappe.ui.form.on("Vehicle Item", {
        vehicle_items_add: function(frm, cdt, cdn) {
            $.each(locals[cdt][cdn].vehicle_items, function(row) {
                if (row.vehicle_item === cdt.vehicle_item) {
                        title: __('Duplicated Item'),
                        indicator: 'red',
                        message: __('The item you added already exist in the table.')
                    frappe.model.delete_doc(cdt, cdn);
                    return false;
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Thank you, it works. But duplicate item did not remove. Don’t know whats the matter

@shuvro-baset How about you try replacing

frappe.model.remove_from_locals(cdt, cdn);


frappe.model.delete_doc(cdt, cdn);

and see if it works.