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User and roles permissions

Hi there everyone,

Is it possible to create at least two users that have the same access as administrator rights where they have no restrictions?
I am having an issue assigning permissions to users, for example, I see restricted in projects and “Daily Timesheet Summary”. This works fine in Administrator but I need some managers to have this access without logging in as Administrator. I basically want to see all users timesheets under those manager profiles.

Just to give you a clue, I have created all users under administrator acc, and I am not sure if I am supposed to create a 1st user which will have power rights and use that to create the rest of the users.

Hey @cephas_kamuchira, have you tried going to the Users List and clicking in to a user profile? It gives you this list (pictured below) in the Roles section, which you can set for your users. You can also use the User Permission list to allow users read/write/create/submit access on specific DocTypes, or use the Role Based Permissions to do the same for a specific role (and you can create new roles, such as “timesheet manager,” and assign that role to your users).

Many ways to solve this, I hope this helps!

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