Use of jinja tags

hello All,
Please i need assistance in the use o Jinja tags. I am not a programmer, but i use examples on jinja tags as guide on doctype when i want to get an info dynamically.

Now, i want to develop a template for sales template terms and conditions for quotation.
The terms and conditions template for the quotation would require me to use customer name, address, contact person,item name, quantity, cost of item but the item table is linked to opportunity doc type.
How do i generate the “fields values” using jinja tags from the items table on quotation since its linked to another doctype

@absmachin you should add your terms directly to your print format, not Terms and Conditions!

Thanks for the response, however, i dont understand.

When i want to create a quotation, would i not add terms and condtions to it from the selection of terms and conditions?

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