Urgent- POS is not working

Hi, when I try to use my POS it fails and gives me the following error:

The screen becomes gray and faded and I cannot do anything.

I have a store opening in 4 days and I need the POS.

Thank you so much!

Check what is the map field. I have dont remember any field of such name in POS. If it is custom filed then remove and try

“map” does not refer to a fieldname.
It’s a javascript array method. But the array in question seems to be undefined.
It seems to be this line in particular: https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/blob/10c61376e36257ac2b6ba4ee838f987a17e511ab/erpnext/selling/page/point_of_sale/pos_item_cart.js#L477
So it tries to iterate over taxes.
Try setting taxes in the POS Invoice. It seems to expect at least one tax entry.

OK. Then as per @Achder finding set Taxes and Charges in POS Profile.

I updated Taxes and Charges. Did not work. Still facing the same issue.

I did not add any custom fields. This is the latest version of the ERP.
I only changed the env-production file and used latest version for both ERPNext and Frappe instead of edge. Is there a specific version where the POS is working? Seems like it is broken on the latest version? I am not sure.

Do you mean to create a new POS Invoice where I set Taxes and Charges and connect it to the POS profile? Or do you mean to directly set Taxes and Charges in the POS Profile. The latter did not work and I have not tried the former because it didn’t make sense to create a POS invoice without having the POS working. I am not sure.

Share your pos invoice and tax template. That may show if they are connected correctly.

First thing you need to tell us is the Version of Frappe, ERPNext and are you using core POS or customisation have been done?

If you’re trying to use POS Offline on V12 or above then there might be undocumented errors as offline pos is not maintained anymore.
With the error it looks like your using Online POS and it is failing to load completely.