Upload new workflow to github

I have created a new workflow for a doctype in an App. Now I want to upload to github, but in the application directory the “git status” gives me only the json file (where I made some changes). How can I push to github the new workflow I made?

Not a total git-guru myself, but …

you need to add your new files to the ‘stage’ before you can commit them to your branch I think

man git-add
man git-commit

… might be a good read

I could imagine…

git add [filename] [filename]
git commit -a

… would add your new files to the ‘stage’ and commit them to your current branch

@emakis add “Workflow” to fixtures and export it

The help document for this seems missing. Let me add it and post you back.

would you mind to explain that in a little more detail (step-by-step)? Or is that in the missing help document you mention? then I am looking forward very much to study this

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same questions from me. I would like to see a detailed example or/and the missing documentation

Was a broken link. Fixed.


In the hooks.py I added

fixtures = ["Workflow"]

Then I did the commit https://github.com/newmatik/Quality/commit/65cb762f4b3c93911ff378e1d35e55dfea1731c4

But now I get the error “Workflow State Draft not found” in the production server.
What’s the quick fix?

(edit)-- ok fixed! I had to create the draft status to the server as well

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Yeah you need to add “Workflow Status” and other related documents too!

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