Updating to version 12

Hello Guys,

I tried updating Erpnext to version 12 but its not updating. Frappe is on version 12 but Erpnext is still version 11 and all my Erp Next Default module is not showing

Any help please?

as always the concrete steps you followed would be helpful to even consider giving an answer to that.


i used:
bench switch-to-develop
bench update --patch
bench update

Here is my update

and this is the Dashboard. All the necessary modules are missing

I believe there should be a bench setup requirements & bench migrate in there somewhere. If you search for Topics how to change from v11 staging to v11 master you’ll probably find the right sequence of commands

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I followed the steps below and i noticed the screen shot.

bench switch-to-branch staging erpnext
bench setup requirements
bench --site site-name migrate
bench restart


And all my modules are not back as well. is there something i am doing wrong ???

  1. with “Modules” you mean “Apps”?
  2. frappe & erpnext are on different branches. you need to do the bench migrate for erpnext as well

this should be develop, no?

Yes Please… Stock, Accounts,CRM,HR and Co.

If i try to add them under Customize, it will not update

lemme run over it again

@vrms thank you for your time.
This works very fine

bench switch-to-branch develop erpnext
bench setup requirements
bench --site site-name migrate
bench restart

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here is my screenshot…

Thank you once again

in v12, why there is no patch written for removal of allocate_payment_amount checkbox field?

Which is the latest master release?
I am facing issues like “File Upload Disconnected. Please try again.”
Is this been addressed in latest release?

Any help in this regard would be appreciated…

whatever is on Top here https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/releases. Currently Release v12.9.4 apparently

no idea. I’d suggest to separate issues and inquire for those separately unless you are certain they may be related