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[Update] Production Order Enhancements

In the latest version v8.3.0, we have added some new functionalities in the Production Order.

  • Introduced a new table for required raw materials inside the Production Order.
  • Now, you will be able to select Source Warehouse against any individual raw material.
  • Sometimes while making Production Order, users don’t know the exact Warehouse name. To address this issue, we have allowed Group Warehouses in Source and Work-in-Progress Warehouse fields.
  • In required Items table, you will also be able to track the number of items has been transferred to WIP warehouse.


Quick question: if group warehouse is selected, will child warehouse stock be automatically used?

If Group warehouse is selected in Source /WIP warehouse, while doing material transfer via Stock Entry, you have to manually enter child warehouse in source /target warehouse field. Group warehouse is only used for reserving raw materials.

can’t we select source warehouse at one time for all?