Update items (v11 , new feature)

Delete function in v11 new feature update items not working

it would be helpful whether you can be a bit more talkative I guess.

What exactly are you doing, what do you expect to happen, what actually is happening?
etc …

Thanks @vrms
i talked about the new feature in SO and PO which can update item table after document submit but only its update price and quantity and the delete option not working

the default procedure would be to cancel>amend>submit such a PO/SO and in that process update the items.

i know about this procedure but in v11 there is new update bottom that i talked about

so, you say there is an “update button” in v11 SO/PO, but it does not work, right?
I wasn’t aware of that.

yeas and delete function not working

The add Item functionality works, but it doens’t pull all the relevant Item data in the Item Table.

For example, it doesn’t set the Supplier of the Item, and as a consequence, the added Items cannot be purchased.

Is it still under development?