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Update Inventory on POS Invoice creation

Is there any way to update inventory at the time of creation POS Invoice?

Since Cashier used to close the POS end of the day, stock will also deduct end of the day. So from store, Sales person or authority can’t have any option to know how much inventory already sold and how much is left. So in my understanding it’s mandatory to have the feature of stock deduction at the time of POS Invoice.

we handled this problem by coding in the POS - if need more help you can contact

Or you could simply use POS Awesome .

It is free

POS Awesome doesn’t have complete features. Like “Pos awesome is currently tax inclusive only.”

I recently made it optional. By setting an option in POS Profile “Tax Inclusive”.
It will reflect after press “Pay”, because the tax is calculated on the server-side.
You can try it from develop branch and any notes are welcome.

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