UOM / Total Weight issues in sales order

I have created items with multiple UOM conversions.

For example:

Item A ==> Default UOM = Nos, UOM Conversion Kg = 2 and Litre = 2.5, Weight UOM = Litre and Weight per unit = 2.5, Default Sales UOM = Kg

Item B ==> Default UOM = Nos, UOM Conversion Kg =3, And Litre = 3.5, Weight UOM = Litre and Weight per unit = 3.5, Default Sales UOM = Kg

When I am creating a sales order and add item A in the sales order then it shows the correct conversion of UOM and weight. However, when I remove this item (Without deleting just use backspace and remove item name only in sales order item) and then add Item B instead. It shows the incorrect conversion i.e., on change of product it doesn’t other details of the product.

Current Behavior (In Sales Order Item)
Item A
Quantity 4
Stock UOM = Nos
UOM Conversion Factor= 2
Qty as per Stock UOM= 2

And when I replace it with Item B it shows the same conversion factor no matter what is mentioned in the item master.

But if I delete the complete line item and add it again then it works fine.

Can anyone help here?