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UoM conversion when using BoM doesn't seem to work

Hi All

Excellent software, but something is been bugging me for day now. We have a print shop, so I buy my toner in units at a cost of 3500, so in my item I have setup UoM unit and cost 3500 qty 1. Within the UoM I have setup the below table

unit x1
meter x 1300

ie 1300 m of toner in one cartridge.

So it is my understanding that in BoM if i choose the meter option it should break it down to cost into per meter, but in my case it multiplies.

Am i doing something wrong?

So here are the images of the settings

You are not understanding how it works, it’s right the other way

The conversion should be read: In 1 Meter are 1,300 Unit.
It’s not: In 1 Unit are 1,300 Meter.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, i see that now. All sorted.

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