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Unknown field gstin

Hello All,
I am trying to create a Sales Invoice where its showing me the below error:

pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘gstin’ in ‘field list’”)

We don’t need GST, Please let me know how to remove it.
Thank you

Maybe with a bench migrate command?

We tried this, no use

Try to remove mandatory flag from customize form for the field

@sumant_kulkarni, Please check in customised form or doctype respectively of Sales Invoice or its child table doctype whether field is available or not. I guess the field is in any of the child table of Sales Invoice doc. If not available then try to migrate it and then check once again in customised form or doctype respectively of the Sales Invoice or its child table doctype. If you found this field then using customised form of particular doctype you can remove the mandatory of hide the field as required.

This issue bugged me for hours!
I had to do a deep-dive into the code and found out that this field should be on the Address Doctype (it is validated when selecting a customer).

My recommendation would be to just add the ‘gstin’ field thru Customize Form on the Address form. You can hide it if you want to.