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Unable to load the desk



Hi I’m unable to load the desk whenever I try to switch to desk the erpnext logo appears and everything is blank, upon opening the console i get errors that are in the file desk and a line number for it. Is there a manual way to reset the website settings from the server side on the bench


Can you please post a screenshot of the errors shown in the console?


Hi these seems to be the errors from the console logs.


How do i remove this particular line from desk file. I cannot access the website settings again because of this line. Is there any way to remove this line via the back end as the front end won’t load unless this line is gone. Please help


Please help me I’ve uploaded the screenshots


Your website is being reported as a suspect malicious website. You should get your service provider to assist you to access the backend files.


Hi Atharva,

May be this is bug

Workaround Solution: remove tracking id script from header section in web setting.


to be able to do that I need to be able to get access to the website settings and access to the desk. But because of that line the desk doesn’t load up and I cannot access it.
Please help and explain what should I do.