Unable to import HSN code in ERPNext version 12

Dear team,

Unable to import HSN code in ERPNEXT version 12. Please help me to solve this.

Hello @ekabyte,
Try to import from Data Import Tool

I was unable to import. Even I am not able to add single HSN code in Item

what error you are getting while importing?

I am getting error as below:
Could not find HSN/SAC: 85176990

Have you imported the HSN codes before linking them in the item import?

Check the HSN/SAC doctype first to see if the codes exist in the first place or not:

Also, what is the company set for the instance/company? Right now the full list is being initialized only for India under regional settings:

There is no doctype GST HSN code in my version 12 installation

now I searched and fond that doctype is there. But unable to see or add the HSN code

I haven’t imported. if there is a method how can I import and where I can get that data

any solution this?

Hi, code does not exists in doctype HSN/SAC

I got to know that it was permission issue. There was not permission for GST HSN Code and even if I set the permission its getting unticking for write and create. Sceenshot attached. Please help me how to save the permission.

I updated ERPnext. That fixed the issue.

I have update to latest version as below (week back)

ERPNext: v12.0.6 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.6 (version-12)

Still same. Attached is the screenshot. There is no ‘New’ button to add.

I have installed fresh installation on fresh server. Still same. any settings need to be done?

I have installed latest version v12.0.7

While tic mark on Write and Create it shows the error as : “No Permissions Specified”

Attached is the screenshot

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Still not yet resolved

What have you found or can confirm - is this a permissions issue?

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Thanks for reply.

not showing in data import section.
how one can import ??

The earlier clues might help define your problem case - try those troubleshooting tips, and report say actual versus expected results?

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