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[UI/UX] Font size, contrast

What do you think about changes:

  • bigger font size
  • greater contrast

Something like below:


Looks like Facebook but I like it! :wink:

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Looks neat! Let us know how the users feel about it once you have started using.

These are just simple modifications in the browser.
I wanted to ask you what you think about such changes.

If it is better I could create Merge Request on github and improve UI/UX.

Try it and see what happens :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add this as a setup document of some kind? Offer a collection of color schemes and option to create a custom one? I really like this concept.

I like the idea of a UI setting DocType in the global settings. The ability to create a Vision Impaired template (High contrast, large fonts) which can be activated on a per user basis would be great.
As ERPNext is almost entirely css and vector based just zooming in using your browser zoom function allows for larger fonts.

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I find field docfield labels really small and hard to read. The light-gray on white and too small. This design doesn’t improve on those.

@System19 A high contrast/ vision impaired setting is an excellent idea. Worth raising an issue about I would think.


How do we do it? I need to be able to modify almost exactly like this? Where do we add the necessary CSS and what is the process of making it come to effect?