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[Tutorial] Step by Step guide to build the Poor Man’s Backup System



LOL… Very cool. Thanks

I am working away at the revision for the Poor Mans Backup v2 and have finally got over some of the major hurdles. Been working on it steady since this morning. By sometime late tonight I should have it working on one of my test servers to verify everything.

If I am unable to figure out the github thing, then I will certainly take you up on the offer tomorrow. I still want to try myself first.



So, I think I have worked out how to use GitHub. I created a place for the files once I get everything working on my test servers. Getting the new additions to the backup system to work has been a struggle. I keep seeing the script run past commands before they finish and only partial files get copied, etc. Still working on that part. Using ‘tar’ seems to take longer than using gzip, but gzip doesn’t handle multiple files so when executing tar commands the script blasts past the command once it is started and executes the next command before the tar function finishes.

I will get it figured out eventually. Once I do it will get published. I will post a thread here, but on GitHub I will have the updateable version of the text doc as well as separate files for the bash scripts. That should make it easier. Oh yeah, the repo is called ERPNext_Guides

More to be added once I get past some of the new script errors.



Well, here it is…

BKM’s ERPNext Guides

I also put a copy of it the newest version of the Poor Man’s Backup System (PMBS) on the forum here:

Since the forum locks me out of editing the text after a few weeks, your idea of putting it on GitHub was the right way to go. It just took me several days to figure out GitHub enough to get it all published.

Thanks for the push. :grin: