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[Tutorial] Step By Step gmail for Outgoing Email Setup Explained - ERPNext V11

I just wanted to post this for someone who could be struggling the way I did.

  1. Go to your GMail account and Allow less secure apps.


  • Sign In and Security > Apps with account access


  • Allow less secure apps


  1. Once that is enabled, go back to Open ERP and Setup the Email Domain:

  1. Then Go Setup the Email Notification

I hope it helps.


Thanks. Many had struggled with Gmail. Am sure this will help.

Is it possible to use gmail alias while sending mail?

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I always get error message when I try to save above settings “Invalid email or password”

@LifeP, do you mean like instead of seeing the entire email address you only see the alias? If it is, I am not sure but maybe @Muzzy can help out on this.

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu, then you should probably confirm the email address and/or the password. If you follow these instructions in detail, it should work.

@kenince thanks lot it works :grinning:

This may help Getting "Request timed out" alert when i try to save an gmail account

edit: be aware of usage limits like login frequency to sync mail

Alternatively, one can use the app-password setting.

I couldn’t get the above to work on a standard free account, but the app password one worked. You do need to set up 2FA.

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